sorry, mom.
sex work, socialism, and high heels


Sigh. Okay, gather ‘round, y’all. We need to talk.

First, this is hard because I really believe the guy did not have malicious or hurtful intentions in messaging me. I really think the guy genuinely, sincerely, truly believes that he’s just making polite conversation.

And that, I think, is the cherry on the pie of how offensive this type of message really is.

Cis-men of online dating world: STOP ASKING ME TO EXPLAIN FEMINISM TO YOU.

It is not my job to educate you. That is your job. You are an adult, take a little initiative for chrissake. There’s this great thing called Wikipedia where you can learn all sorts of shit on your own fucking time, it’s awesome check it out.

And please PLEASE don’t tell me about how you’ve walked around your whole life too privileged to bring yourself to give a shit about social movements cuz now I just want to punch you in the throat.

And no, I will not “share” with you all that I’ve “gone through” as a woman, you anonymous internet weirdo. Gross. What does that even mean?

But dude, I get it. Internet dating is awkward. You’re maybe not that great at talking to women to begin with. You’re taking a chance! Trying to make a connection etc. etc. etc.

But if all you can say is that you don’t understand me, what reason could I possibly have to respond?

Actually, I take it back: this isn’t hard, and I fucking hate this guy.

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      omg i love how he talks about ~feminism as tho its some new age religion whispered about in hush hush tones.
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      …Wait, do you seriously think you’re a “spokesperson” for anything?
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      The educate yourself thing, really doesn’t fly, if you are going to be part of a movement that you actually care about;...